Deadmonton Alive

Not quite Deadmonton, yet…

It seems contradictory that I’d be killing off Edmonton, in literary form, when the city is actually coming alive in a way it hasn’t been in over ten years.

Tonight the Edmonton Oilers will play their first Stanley Cup playoff game since 2006; and they didn’t squeak in, they finished second in their division, only two points out of first. On the way to doing so, captain Connor McDavid won the scoring title with 100 points, and the Oilers finished with 103 points. It’s been 30 years since the Oilers finished with that many points or had an Art Ross trophy winner on the team.

So, yes, I may be slowly turning Edmonton into Deadmonton, and filling its streets with the putrid, nomadic dead, but Edmonton has never been more alive.

Let’s Go Oilers!

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