Discuss the Zombie Apocalypse



Discuss the Deadmonton zombie apocalypse. Share how you've survived so far, your tricks for dispatching the dead and, if you feel safe doing so, tell where you are currently holed up.

Did an event you read about on Deadmonton.com inspire you? Share your art in any form; music, drawings, poems, Photoshopped images, whatever you're good at... it could end up being added to the page that inspired it.

Finally, suggestions for the site are appreciated. Have an idea? Share it here.




Are you alive in Deadmonton?  Somewhere else? There could be someone looking for you. Post something HERE  or  HERE.


Click this box to share your photos from Edmonton before the apocalypse and help us remember. Or, share your images of the dead city that Deadmonton has become.


It's hard to get video of the dead; zombies don't tend to sit around while being filmed. If you've managed to get something, post it here. Click this box for forum thread.


Tricks for surviving in Deadmonton. Makeshift weapons, traps, and other useful tools. Plus how to get around unseen and quietly. Any tips to help others survive. COMING SOON