DEDfest X – YEGs Best Film Fest is One Week Away

Voted Edmonton’s best film festival 3 years in a row, DEDfest is about to kick off 2017’s edition.

UPDATE: DEDfest announces the final wave of films and there are some great ones, including Tigers Are Not Afraid, which won Best Director, Horror – Fantastic Fest 2017. See DEDfest’s announcement for titles and previews of the newly announced films.

UPDATE 2 (Oct, 15, 2017): The full schedule for DEDfest X is now available. See bottom of this post for titles, times, and links to previews.


Edmontonians vote for Dedfest as the best film festival year after year, and with great reason, no other film festival can rival what they do best–introducing us to the bizarre, the horrific, and hidden gems that may have snuck by us.

DEDfest Film Festival – Voted YEG’s best film fest 3 years running

Now in its tenth year (see a blurb on the festival’s beginnings), the fest is shaping up to be another great week of entertainment, here are a couple of picks from the first wave of announced films:

BEYOND SKYLINE – Gunfights to fistfights to alien Kaiju fights? Yup. An intensely fun sci-fi/action hybrid.

GAME OF DEATH – Throw together Jumanji and Battle Royale, slip in a bit of Scanners and you’ll get a sense of what Game of Death is. Then sit back and enjoy the bits that are all its own.

Interspaced between the horror and craziness, are a couple of provocative documentaries:

GEEK GIRLS – celebrating the women who are shaping what was previously, male-dominated subcultures like game developers, NASA engineers, and more.

DELIVER US (Libera Nos) -Follow Father Cataldo Migliazzo, a real-life exorcist, as he performs exorcisms on the afflicted and possessed. Is the Father a hero, or a con artist with a collar?

And then there is the BIG screening, announced here, the one that ends the fest with a bang.

VICTOR CROWLEY (aka Hatchet 4) – The Canadian premiere of Victor Crowley will be DEDfest X. I don’t believe anything more needs to be said on that.

And finally, along with the dozen or so films not mentioned here, the original Night of the Living Dead will be screened in a remastered 4k version. In the year that George A Romero died, this is a fitting tribute. If you purchase the full pass for DEDfest, you will also have access to the following weekend’s showing of Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.

My 5 picks:





GAME OF DEATH or GEEK GIRLS (I cheated there)

DEDfest promises more surprises to come, so this list may change.

DEDfest X 2017 (Oct 17 – 22) Linup

The DEDfest 2017 full lineup and schedule!!!
Tuesday, Oct. 17
7:00pm Bad Black
9:30pm Sequence Break

Wednesday, Oct. 18
7:00pm Replace
9:30pm Fake Blood

Thursday, Oct. 19
7:00pm Radius
9:30pm Beyond Skyline

Friday, Oct. 20
7:00pm The Lodgers
9:30pm Game of Death
12:00am Assholes

Saturday, Oct. 21
12:00pm Todd and the Book of Pure Evil:The End of the End
2:30pm Geek Girls (with panel discussion)
5:00pm Death on Scenic Drive (With Director Gabriel Carrer)
7:00pm Lowlife (With Writer/Producer Tim Cairo and Director Ryan Prows)
10:00pm Tigers Are Not Afraid (With Director Issa Lopez)

Sunday, Oct. 22
1:00pm Deliver Us
3:00pm Night Of The Living Dead
7:00pm Tragedy Girls (With Director Tyler MacIntyre)
9:30pm Victor Crowley

Where to find DEDfest:

Where: Metro Cinema @ the Garneau Theatre

8712 109 ST NW (just at the southern end of the High Level Bridge)

Purchase 6-packs (view any 6 movies, or take a friend and watch 3 together), or full festival passes online here or get them at

The Lobby DVD Shop

10815-82 Ave (right beside RBC)

See you at DEDfest!

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