Deadmonton's History in Horror, and, have had  a history of bringing horror to the Edmonton, Alberta area since 2008. First, as the home for the Deadmonton Horror Film Festival, and now, as the place for interactive horror fiction.

2007 was the last year for the Return to Odd film festival in Edmonton. Matt Acosta, Derek Clayton, Kevin Martin, and Janine Karasick put together a re-branded festival for 2008. It ran a full weekend (Oct 24 - Oct 26) under the name: Deadmonton Horror Film Festival.

The horror festival needed a new name, since rights to the Return to Odd name couldn't be secured at the time (it was later learned that using the name wouldn't have been a problem). It was felt that Deadmonton would be a great way to "turn (Edmonton's) most notorious nickname into a mark of pride. Though it normally alludes to city streets so sparse that a zombie infestation would count as a major improvement in terms of foot traffic, it just happens to be an ideal moniker..."

- David Berry


Read about the 2008 festival in the Vue Weekly here. Also, read about it in the Edmonton Journal here.

Promo Image for 2008 Deadmonton Horror Film Festival.


See how the original 2008 Deadmonton Film Festival was promoted at the Metro Cinema site.


In 2009, Deadmonton became DEDfest. Which has an annual festival and a monthly screening series at the Metro Cinema.

Deadmonton Horror Film Festival 2008


October 24 (2008)


October 25 (2008)


October 26 (2008)

See a 2008 via the Wayback Machine:

Keep in mind that in using the Wayback Machine, any older images, that are no longer hosted on the domain, may not be visible. However, while the layout is not an accurate representation, the text is exactly as it would have been back at that time. 2008 - Movie talk and a Zombie Walk to promote the festival 2009 -  What? Deadmonton no longer? Find the headline in the link that is simply titled "Deadmonton" 2010 - Deadmonton now Dedfest

Please note that Deadmonton is no longer home for the Deadmonton Horror Film Festival, it is now the home for Deadmonton: A Zombie Apocalypse Horror - Interactive fiction from Mark Trepanier

You can find the new home for the Horror Film Festival at DEDfest

Help DEDest continue for the coming years: DEDfest GoFundMe


More info on  DEDfest X 2017 (Oct 17 - 22)


Should you have any questions regarding the festival or show times, please see the sites listed above for the latest contact information.





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Read about the 2008 festival in the Vue Weekly hereabout it in the Edmonton Journal here.