Must-Haves for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse Fire

Zombie Apocalypse Fire

Planning on surviving the zombie apocalypse? Then, you’ll need these…

The stuff has hit the fan and the dead are everywhere.  Your future looks pretty bleak; however, besides this already talked about survival tool, the following items will provide a good chance at surviving the zombie apocalypse of Deadmonton.

#5  Strong, Light, Comfortable Backpack

Probably the least exciting item on this list, but a must for surviving.  Afterall, you’ll need something to carry the other four items in.  These are the qualities you should look for in a backpack.

  1. Strong – needs to hold together while on the run
  2. Light – you don’t need the pack adding extra weight to what you’re already carrying
  3. Comfortable – this could be on your back for long stretches
  4. Unrestrictive – you’ll be fighting the dead, you don’t need it tying up your arms.
Backpack for the Zombie Apocalypse – image by Kattee

A backpack like this is a good bet.  It has a good balance of weight-to-strength.

#4 Emergency Thermal Blanket

Deadmonton is in Alberta, but no matter where you are dealing with the dead, you’re going to need some extra warmth at some point.  An alternate to a backpack-stuffing sleeping bag would be a survival blanket.  Some details are:

  1. Designed by NASA – will do what it promises
  2. Lightweight and Compact – won’t add much weight or fill your pack
  3. Retains 90% body heat – helps prevent hypothermia
Emergency survival thermal blanket – image by ezyoutdoor

See this thermal blanket here.

#3 Solar Charger

With a solar charger, you can power up items like a cell phone, e-book reader, walkie-talkies, etc. With places like Google’s data centers, and cell towers with back up solar power, you can still have access to important mobile apps like Maps. It will be spotty, but you will have access. However, if the electrical grid is as dead as the things around you, you’ll need an alternate way to charge your devices.  A solar charger is your answer.

  1. Highly portable – folds and easily fits into your backpack
  2. Light – 1/3 lighter than same power of solar silicon
  3. Durable – industrial-strength PET polymer faced panels
  4. Dual charging – charge 2 items at once
Solar charger to keep devices charged – Image by PowerGreen

See one option for a Solar Charger here

#2 Easy Fire

It’s not only you that needs heat, you’ll have to have some way to properly cook your food, as you can’t just head to a clinic to treat food poisoning. These flint fire starters are just the thing you need to get a good fire going.

  1. Waterproof and weatherproof – will work no matter how cold or wet it is
  2. More than 12,000 strikes – will keep you with access to fire for a long time.
  3. Lanyard hole – keep one around your neck in case you should have to abandon your backpack
Emergency fire starter – over 12,000 strikes. Image by EricX Light

See here for more details on fire starter options

#1 Clean Water

You can’t always rely on having access to bottled water; besides, those supplies will eventually be depleted. Even with Edmonton’s water treatment facility going solar powered, there won’t be anyone to monitor the system. Clean water won’t be flowing through the taps. This mini water filtration system is just the answer.

  1. Light weight – won’t weigh down your pack
  2. 99.9% clean water – filter out salmonella, cholera, and E. Coli
  3. Long usage – filters clean up to 100,000 gallons
  4. All you need – drink directly from water source or fill included pouch
Drink from any water source safely – Image by Sawyer Products

See this mini water filtration system here

That’s the list for helping you survive the dead during a zombie apocalypse. If you have these 5 things, you’ll have a chance of getting to the next day. Here is the list again in point form:

  1. Clean Water
  2. Fire Starter
  3. Solar Charger
  4. Thermal Blanket
  5. Backpack


Sun is a friend while surviving a zombie apocalypse…

When looking at items to add to your own survival pack, always take a look at what solar powered options are available. While plentiful at the start, batteries will eventually become unavailable.

What would you have in your pack to help survive the dead?

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