Fort Edmonton Park

Zombie Apocalypse Tour

Fort Edmonton Park. 64 hectares (158 acres) of fenced land: fully furnished homes, coal burning furnaces, wood burning stoves, wells for water, outhouses, traps from the fur-trade. Barns filled with livestock. Fertile lands for planting. Plus stocked stores, for hardware, clothing, weapons, etc. And we haven't even mentioned the Fort yet. Use Deadmonton's street by street, and building by building guide, on what Fort Edmonton Park has to offer to help you survive the zombie apocalypse of Deadmonton.

  • 1920 Street

    Fort Edmonton Park's 1920 Street covers almost half of the park itself, running from the 1920's Midway and Exhibition all the way up to the Hotel Selkirk. It contains some important buildings buildings as well. Here are three picks to visit right away:

    1. Mellon Farm - everything to survive an Edmonton winter when electricity and water are no longer provided.
    2. AGT Telephone Exchange - Safest place on street should zombies breach the park.
    3. Hotel Selkirk - all the comforts of home, at least, what "home" is now.


    Visit 1920 Street

  • 1905 Street

    1905 Street has several homes where you can comfortably live, but the most important building here is the fire hall. With its roof-side lookout tower, brick exterior, and living quarters upstairs, this the place to set up a headquarters from. Three to visit first:

    1. Fire Hall - reasons stated above.
    2. Henderson Farm - livestock on land, barn to house them, and place to house yourself.
    3. Firkins House - warm clothes, entertainment for adults and kids, defensive weapons, wood-burning stoves, even hooked up to the park's internal communications network.


    Visit 1905 Street

  • 1885 Street

    Besides the fort itself, 1885 Street is the most important area within the park; it includes a jailhouse--lock yourself in for a sound sleep, blacksmith shop--everything you need to make additional supplies, general store--basic essentials. Three spots to visit right away:

    1. NW Police Jailhouse - barred windows, solid doors, with yet another set of 2 doors to get to the sleeping areas (cells).
    2. Blacksmith - make hardware for defensive weapons and items to fortify park buildings.
    3. Ross Bothers Hardware - traps for hunting, stoves, tools and more.

    Visit 1885 Street

  • The Fort

    Fort Edmonton of Fort Edmonton Park

    Fort Edmonton itself is the ultimate "safe house", nothing dead will get past its walls. Should the park itself be breached, you can fall back to the fort and live comfortably for a long while as you find a way to rid the park of the dead. Here are three notable spots:

    1. Watchtowers - dispatch the dead from the walkway that runs between the towers.
    2. Rowand House - pretty much a hotel located within the walls for the fort.
    3. Boat house - everything you need to construct your own boats should you need to escape the park entirely.

    Visit the Fort

What's Next in this Fort Edmonton Park Tour?

Now that the entire zombie survival tour overview is complete, a detailed look at important buildings for surviving a zombie apocalypse will begin. One building will be added every few weeks, with the goal to have a dozen up for when Fort Edmonton Park opens again in May of 2018.

Also down the road:

  • PDF download of this tour
  • Guide to fortified "safe houses" already in place in the park
  • Guide on what to do in the first weeks of making a home in the park


Before all of that, though, we'll share the five most important places to visit first and what you can obtain from them.