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Zombie Apocalypse Stories Tales from Deadmonton

Zombie stories of Deadmonton–Edmonton. The City of Champions. A lot has changed since that label was attached to the city. The million or so Edmontonians are now a million or so of the undead, walking the streets as zombies.

zombie - zom·bie - zämbē
1.) Reanimated corpse that feeds on the flesh of the living. Can be exterminated by destroying the brain, or removing the brain from the body.

Few know the cause of the zombie apocalypse that killed off most of the city–the world. But in the end, facts and truths can’t change reality–the dead have taken over.

Every city or community has stories of those who’ve survived since the start of the apocalypse. Edmonton’s stories can be found here. You may recognize some of the places, may even have visited some of them, but you’ve never seen them the way they are in Deadmonton.

Stroll through the city of the dead and see what the survivors have gone through–read their stories below:

The Illusion of Life
Roger has found one of the safest spots to wait out the zombie apocalypse, but his wife Mary has contracted an illness, causing him to have to leave the Civil Defence bunker in Crestwood. It should have been a simple, short walk to where he believed some medication would be. But “simple” isn’t part of the city of the dead.
The Illusion of Life

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