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Learn a little about the Edmonton Civil Defence bunker, which is featured in the first Deadmonton zombie apocalypse tale, Illusion of Life. The bunker can be found in the Crestwood neighbourhood, near the MacKenzie Ravine […]

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The first thing any apocalypse survivor needs is a trusty backpack to carry the items required to, hopefully, keep surviving. Now that you have one, what will you put into it? See some of our ideas for top  picks to help aid you in your quest keep going […]

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In a world where any type of sound, especially the kaboom of a shotgun, will have zombies zoning in on you from all directions, you need a weapon that can dispatch zombies efficiently and silently. Deadmonton has found the perfect zombie dispatching weapon that meets both requirements. Click link below to find out what it is […]

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Fort Edmonton Park's, 1905 Street, is arguably the best place to hold up during a zombie apocalypse. With it's brick fire hall with look out on the roof and living quarters upstairs, it is one safe place to be. But that is just one building of many. See what else it has to offer in this blog post […]

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Stay Safe:

  • Look both ways before crossing Deadmonton's streets. This is still important, even as the cars are as dead as their owners. Avoiding being seen is your best defense.
  • Never close your eyes when dispatching the dead. Never. Especially if it is a loved one. Make certain that it is done. That it is final. Let them have peace.
  • Different times, different measures. When in doubt, protect yourself. A conscience could earn you your death.
  • Know your priorities. Know what you are fighting for. Plan. Beyond that lies carelessness. And in this world, carelessness leads to death.
  • Be quiet. Sound, in a silent city like Deadmonton, will lead them to investigate.
  • Rain is your friend. It leaves them disoriented, as the sound is all around them. Use it to move freely.
  • A zombie apocalypse is no time for a casual stroll. Know your destination and a safe route to it.
  • A zombie is not a weak opponent, if it latches on to your arms, you'll be bit before you shake it free. Stay out of its grasp.





. The bunker can be found in the Crestwood neighbourhood, near the MacKenzie Ravine

. The bunker can be found in the Crestwood neighbourhood, near the MacKenzie Ravine […]